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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This Month's Workout

Take this workout out to the Cranna Lake trails and try out the outdoor fitness stations.  Walking or jogging between the stations will create a great strength and conditioning workout.  Complete 3 Sets at each station. You can either complete all 3 sets at once, or make a loop of the lake per set. The possibilities are endless!


Station 1: Surfboard Machine.  30 Seconds on Machine 10/side, Lunges


Station 2:  Chair Pull & Push

15 Chair Push

15 Chair Pull


Station 3: Leg Press & Exercise Bars 15 Leg Press

30 Second Plank

Station 4: Pull Up Bracket 10 Pull Ups or 10 Scapula Pull Ups

10 Hanging Knee Up

Station 5:  Quad Machine

15 Quad Machine

10 Push Ups


Station 6: Arm Wheel & Hand Rotation

15 Hand Rotations

10 Inch Worms

Also at station six you can utilize the Arm wheel to assist with your stretching after the workout.


Just a reminder that when it’s this hot, to try and complete your workout earlier in the day or later in the evening. Always insure that you have water and sunscreen. Work at your own pace.




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