Personal Training



Recognize there is something you would like to change or improve in your lifestyle.


Ask yourself how you would feel if it got worse? What if you were gaining weight?


Demand improvement. Don’t settle for something you’re not happy with!


Set attainable fitness goals and stick to them (we will help you with this)


Surround yourself with a motivational and successful environment (this is where we come in!)

Nothing changes if... nothing changes

This is the foundation of GetFit Camps Lacombe Personal Training. Our programs will offer you an opportunity to change your thought process about weight loss, eating, and exercising. Our educated and certified trainers will guide you through in a positive, supportive environment, giving you the best chance to be successful in your fitness journey.












Need some help to get started or need that motivation to get you to the gym? Set up a private training session to work around your busy schedule. We would love to help you achieve your heath and fitness goals regardless of how busy your schedule is.

Contact us to book in for a no charge, no obligation consult.


We can be booked to speak at staff meetings, luncheons, conferences, or other functions and can speak about any aspect of health and fitness. We also host our own seminars from time to time.

Contact us for more information on our seminars.


Groups of 2-4 People 2-3 Times/week (1 Hour Sessions)

Sessions would take place in the Burman University Weight Room.

Rate: $20.00-$30.00/Per Person depending on the # of people in a group.

Gym Membership Not Included.

If you and a few of your friends are interested please contact us to set this up!

Need some direction to get started or need that motivation to get you to the gym? Contact us to book in for a no charge, no obligation consult.

Candace Sayler

As the owner of GetFit, she carries a vast array of interests from sports and athletics, Olympic lifting, to kickboxing. Each year she attends seminars, conferences and takes courses to keep up-to-date with current research and techniques in the field of health and fitness and this year she is planning on doing her first sprint triathlon. Being healthy and staying active is a lifestyle choice. “Health and fitness is an investment in oneself. It is my goal to help clients become fit in a healthy, fun, natural way.”

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No matter what level of fitness you are at, GetFit can help you achieve the next level! 

To get started, or to book your free consult, contact us. In the meantime, why don’t you browse our site and check out some of our blog posts!

What people say

Just over a year ago, I decided "Enough. If you need someone to babysit you to becoming healthier, so be it." I started booking weekly office sessions with Cortney and requested that she make up weekly workouts and meal plans for me. I would just have to show up and follow through during the week, with Cortney keeping me accountable, of course. I have since dropped over 40 pounds through eating right, not eating less and engaging in a variety of exercises on a daily basis. I also have gained the skills to create my own workouts and meal plans. My overall health and well being have increased dramatically and it's fun to notice new muscles once in a while! I am now in the habit of running on a regular basis and have completed six half marathons, eight 10k races, fourteen 5k races and I am training to run my first marathon in January of 2019."


I had one-on-one training with Candace for a few months. Her work out routines are very structured and intense. It helped me push myself beyond my limits. I would definitly recommend her.


I’ve trained with Cortney over the last few years on and off due to a knee injury. She has gave me motivation and increased my self confidence mentally and physically when I’m working out!! She modified my workouts so I was able to still do them with my injury and most of all she was flexible and realistic when it comes to training!


I had a great time at Candace's Spring Fitness Camp. They kept the activities varied and kept us moving - hard and fast! It was fun, and the group developed a real kinship. I believe everyone lost pounds and inches - I know I did - and I know everyone came out of the camp feeling more fit and prepared for a healthy lifestyle.


The fitness camps have been a great experience! I have increased my physical level, and have gained confidence in my abilities. Candace is a great leader and an example of what it is like to live a fit and active life. I really appreciate the focus on healthy eating and what that consists of. These lessons that I learnt have improved my eating habits and make me feel great!!


Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your services. I have been trying to lose weight/inches for a long time and thought it was a lost cause. You have helped me to realize that I can be successful by eating properly and stepping out of my comfort zone in the exercise department!