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Monday, October 1, 2018

October Workout

This is very simple routine, one that can be added to the end of any workout or done daily. I find many of us have tight or unstable hips, this workout targets those tiny hip stabilizers.

10 /side, Clam Shells

10/side, Leg Abductions

10/side, Leg Adductions

10 Bridge Ups

Complete 3 Sets.

Workout Tips:

The range of motion for all these exercises will be limited.

Clam Shells:
Keep your hips stacked, and square. Heels should be in line with your bum.

Leg Abductions:
Keep the hips square, point the toe of the top foot towards the ground as you lift your leg.

Leg Adductions:
Pull the toe of the bottom foot towards your shin (dorsi flexion) as you lift.

Bridge Ups:
Squeeze your glutes as you lift. There should be a straight line formed between your shoulders, hips and knees at the top of the movement.



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