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Monday, October 1, 2018

Avoiding Hibernation Mode

As the weather gets colder we long for a soft chair, a warm blanket, a hot beverage and a comforting meal. Basically, we are strongly considering the option of hibernation over dealing with the impending winter doom. With winter lasting a minimum of 6-8 months, colder weather can really put a damper on your overall health.

Physiologically, cooler temperatures mean that we tend to stay indoors for longer periods of time. We become stagnant in our routine as we’d rather not venture out in inclement weather. This means that we tend to become lax on our fitness regime. Long summer runs outside, turn to boring half-hearted runs on the local gym’s treadmill. Yard work and outdoor activities turn to disgruntled snow shoveling and binge watching tv.

Psychologically, as mentioned, the frosty weather has us eating those warm, hearty, not always healthy meals. The presence of cooler temperatures triggers our bodies age old survival response. Meaning when it gets colder, the body subconsciously wants to pack on the insulation to withstand the winter.

Sociologically, the winter months are crammed with family gatherings centered around large feasts, and sweet treats. With these ever-present social gatherings comes the tendency to over indulge because grandma can’t stand to see her grandson so skinny, or you just can’t say no to a third slice of pie. There is a stigma that says when you get together that you must eat what everyone else is eating and do what everyone else is doing.

Your health can take a major blow during the winter season as the above factors can lead to an overall increase in stress.  To curb some of these problems, develop a plan. Make a workout that can be done at home or set up an appointment with a personal trainer that motivates you to leave the house. Don’t give in to those winter food cravings, plan your meals, and avoid overeating by having smaller meals throughout the day. Do not let yourself get famished. Lastly, maintain your routine while with family and friends. If you eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning, then continue to do so. You don’t not have to give in to the peer pressure of eating a big meal just because everyone else is. Your health is under your control, not mater how bad the weather. Make everyday count.

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