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Saturday, September 1, 2018


With the new school year starting and summer coming to an end it is important to build and maintain your new routine. For many of us September is a busy time as it is the lead in to the holiday months. I can't stress enough how important it is to maintain your fitness/nutrition routine during this busy time. Skipping workouts and saying "I will do it tomorrow" usually ends with tomorrow never coming. A few quick tips for keeping on track:

-Pick specific days and times that are dedicated to your workouts- Consistency is key. If you can keep a regular schedule then you just know that Monday at 4:00 that you are booked for a workout. Think of your workouts like important doctors appointments that you don't dare miss.

-Have a plan for your workouts. Don't just roll into the gym without a plan, this usually leads to slacking or fumbling around the gym with minimal accomplishment.

-Be prepared.If you know that once you get home that you won't leave again, then make sure you have a change of gym clothes and a snack in your car. This way you can head straight to the gym after work, no excuses.

You've got this!

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